Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Happy 22nd Birthday, Helmut Kohl Republic...

...yeah, well, since us Germans are celebrating our national holiday on October 3, commemorating the signing of the so-called unification contract on Oct. 3, 1990, this newly formed Germany has turned 22 today.

Actually, this day should not be named "Tag der deutschen Einheit" (German Unification Day), but rather "Helmut-Kohl-Gedenktag" (Helmut Kohl Memorial Day), since the bumbling former German chancellor has been hyped being the "chancellor of unity" and the man who tore down the wall, etc. since November 1989, when the Berlin Wall checkpoints were opened (by mistake of the GDR Politburo, really, since Günther Schabowski was unsure what to say about the date of the border openings on a press conference, and stammered "To my knowledge, this is effective as of now...", sending thousands of East-Berlin inhabitants out onto the streets). So, why not go all the way and rename Germany to Helmut Kohl Republic, too? After all, it's all about the personality cult. I'm sure, the largest German tabloid newspaper "Bild" would love that.

Instead of joining in the cheering of "his" efforts (actually, there were lots of other people more involved in helping to bring down the wall, including the tens of thousands of people who were brave enough to march for peace, justice and truth on the Monday demonstrations in the GDR and showing their government, that they won't be silenced any longer), I'd rather celebrate something else from Germany, making an impact:

one of the icons of hippie culture, here shown turning from normal and boring to cool and groovy:

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