Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Mother Nature - providing more benign power (Harvest Full Moon)

After She had done wonderful work in soothing my mind in the second half of last week, another event on the weekend was just great to provide me with positive energy, this time provided by the cool radiance of the Harvest Full Moon, taking place on this weekend... I was able to spot Her rising on Saturday evening, and woke up early on Sunday morning (when the moon reached Her fullest phase) to bask in Her now warm light, as She was about to set, getting a honey-yellow color.

While I was doing my morning Nuddhism exercise on Sunday morning, basking in the full moon light, I turned to the East, seeing Venus high in the sky, looking down on me... so, I was blessed by two representations of the Goddess at once...

An almost full moon rising on Saturday evening

The full moon on Sunday morning, shortly before setting

Indeed, basking naked in the light of the Full Moon as well as under the eyes of Venus was a very nice way to power up, before facing the new week to come...

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