Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Fallen rebels - dandelions dug under by "gardeners"

Remember the dandelion overkill? I posted about that only three days ago... On Friday morning I saw, that gardeners had made an effort to "cultivate" that spot by uprooting these floral rebels and digging the remainder of any rebellious behaviour under... right in the place where I took the photo, where those dozens of merrily yellow blossoms were gathered in plushy and soft green grass (a delight for my bare feet!), they had gotten rid of them.

The famous quote by Tacitus about the behaviour of empires comes to mind: "...where they make a desert, they call it peace". The same is true about gardeners "cultivating" places, instead of allowing Mother Nature to have Her way.

Even though, it is not quite the same as witnessing the damage done to Luna, and Julia Butterfly Hill seeing and examining it, I can relate very much to her initial reaction to it:

Of course, I never had that strong a link to those dandelions as Julia has to Luna, after they shared each other's lives for more than two years... but the source of both damages is the same: human beings did that. If it were a natural thing happening, I would accept it as part of the often-quoted circle of life, the ever-turning wheel of change in our Great Mother's life.

Read about what happened to Luna in November 2000:
Redwood Luna chain-sawed (report)

Julia's own poem, describing how she felt, after witnessing the wound in Luna's side:
Luna's Cut (previously untitled) by Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia, atop Luna:

But since those dandelions were killed off to serve the purpose of "tidying up" and "cultivating" a place (my definitions of both differ a lot from the gardener's sterile point of view!), I allowed myself some time to stand in that spot, and send a portion of my love and healing energy down into the ground, trying my best to soothe a little of Mother Nature's pain, since Her skin had been raked open, soil upturned...

Even though, this freshly turned soil feels wonderful beneath bare soles, moist as well as warm, it is a wound inflicted on Mother Earth, nevertheless.

The only happiness and little triumph I felt, was seeing that Mother Nature won't back down... She will prevail, since there are survivors, sometimes even in unlikely places:

(I just love the slight irony of that waste-bin being green...)

And wherever I meet dandelions when walking barefoot around town, or through grass, I greet them as comrades in Nature's rebellion against man-made order...

There are people, who plant flowers and herbs in empty spaces, to help Mother Nature reclaim them. Such thinngs may be considered small in comparison to sitting in a tree for over two years to fight clear-cutting and making a point, but still, even small steps help to make a change.

And about being able to make a change, you might want to visit this place:
What's your tree?

"What's your tree?" doesn't mean you have to live in a giant redwood to make a change or get your point across... but I feel the same energy to make things known and stand up for things as Julia does... must be that Aquarius thing we both share...

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