Dienstag, 10. April 2012

The webmaster's reply to my farewell message:

You do not understand the concept of FREE SPEECH. Look it up!

Only your gov't can deny you free speech. We are a free speech site
because we challenge gov'ts NOT to ban our site (but some still do)

But you, like many others don't get it. It's about not getting shutdown
because we discuss sex, drugs and radical politics.

I can never deny anyone's free speech, as I don't have the power to lock
you up incommunicado, do I?

Hip forums is a private site, not a public one. You either play by the
rules, or get banned as moe did.

I wasn't going to ban you permanently, and moe was only banned for 10
days at first, but she did not honor the ban, and posted in chat so she
is now banned permanently.

Ah but you took her ban as something permanent, didn't you. So again
you don't understand how it works here. You believe the lies ppl post
about me and the site, fine.

These are the rules everyone agrees to.

Go cry somewhere else if you must, but it's your loss...


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