Dienstag, 10. April 2012

My farewell message to a webmaster:

In the rules and guidelines of your so-called “Free Speech” forum (a sham, as it
turns out, if people speak up freely), respect towards moderators and the site
admin is demanded.
In real life as well as in the online world, respect is something to be earned.
True enough, working on a voluntary basis as a moderator or admin is some-
thing worthy of respect. I know that from doing voluntary work as an admin
on classic text-based online role-playing games. Obeying to and abiding by
rules and policies is also something that should be obligatory...
However: ruling out the possibility of a fair warning is disrespectful towards
the users and members of your forum (and yes, Skip – in lieu of a real name,
since hipforums.com is hiding on nic.com behind another organisation, I have
to use your nickname – these users are what makes a forum... I have been in
touch with other former or inactive members who are either banned or refrain
from taking part anymore voluntarily, concurring that the “hipness” has left
Even countries, issueing laws to cut off people from internet access, such
as France with its “Hadopi” laws, have a three-strikes rule.
I have donated money to support your forum, even to the point of achieving
lifetime supporter status. I know, that this is no protection against being
banned, nor does it exempt me from your forum’s guidelines... I’m not
arguing that. But I would have appreciated a somewhat gentler approach,
like a PM at first. Visitor messages don’t show up in the forum software
by a notifier or pop-up – even though vBulletin offers that possibility...
I know that from other forums, I’m a member in.
However, seeing your visitor message, for which I had to create an alternate
login to access my old profile, I read the following:
Your “friend” was warned to stop trolling the thread...
(I have made a screenshot, and I guess you know what you wrote there...)
What sign of respect is it, to put the word friend in quotes, meaning to
denounce a person I shared thoughts and feelings with by means of your
so-called “Free Speech” platform? It just shows to me, that you are lacking
respect twoards the people who log in to your place day by day or in some
cases even give money for support.
You should think a bit about respect, before demanding it by means of
rule number 10.
Finally, be sure that I am not writing this in order to have my ban lifted.
As far as I am concerned, I am quite happy with it, since it acts like a
wake-up call, having left a place that is just like the place Thich Nhat
Hanh meant, when talking about government’s enemies.
Your usage of that quote in your sig is ironic, to say the least.
P.S.: about that refund of the support money I paid... (nope, just kidding)

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