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How "green" are water power plants...?

This is a viable question, seeing what is going on at the moment at the Xingu river in Brazil, where the construction of the Belo Monte Dam, a cascade of three dams, rather, meant to provide "green" power for the Brazilian megacities, is currently being built.

The "green" aspect of such a dam project might be the flooding of almost 200 square miles of Brazilian rain forest and farm land being flooded, thus giving the water of the giant lakes which are going to be there, a nice green tint (in case you've found irony or sarcasm: well done, you may keep it!). All the plants flooded and decomposing will release quite some carbon dioxide and other gases, thus adding negatively to the carbon footprint of the whole Belo Monte project (not yet counting the energy consumed in the construction itself).

"Unfortunately", in the eyes of the corporations involved, there's also indigenous people living there... Those people who purchased the Collector's Edition of James Cameron's Avatar will also have seen his documentary about the Xingu natives, such as the Kayapo, and their cause of protest against the Belo Monte Dam project, where he was joined in visiting the natives by Sigourney Weaver ("Grace Augustine") and Joel David Moore ("Norm Spellman").

Now, just today, I got disturbing news about the eviction of Kayapo and Juruna people being thrown off their lands by force - including the typical mindless faces of armed troopers "just following orders"... this is sickening, disturbing and sad material to behold, really:

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Wall Photo: Eviction of Kayapo Natives

To quote Neytiri: "THIS is sad... very sad only!" I am sure, she would weep bitter tears, before nocking arrows and aiming at the troopers, as she did in the movie...

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