Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Happy barefooting moments... walking barefoot pays off, too...

Well, even slightly shifty and cool weather, with temperatures just below 10°C (50F), is wonderful for barefooting before and after work, gathering some good energy from Mother Earth (even though She Herself stomped Her not to little foot, and South-East Asia held its breath... fortunately, there were only small ripples in the Andaman Sea, and no full-fledged tsunami).

It began in the morning, feeling rain-wet grass - it had rained the night before - beneath my bare soles... refreshing, as well as relaxing, just before entering "The Machine", the redundant and mechanistic world of office work...

So, barefooting paid off in the wellness and happiness aspects, which was going to continue after work. I saw, to my delight, that about an hour before it was time for me to leave, that a strong rain shower came down, lasting for more than 15 minutes... I knew, there would be puddles to splash my bare feet in later on... And, oh, I was right, too... but I did not expect to have these puddles warmed up by sunlight, since after the shower, the sky opened up, with some occasionally threateningly dark, but always impressive cumulus clouds spread over an azure blue sky...

I had a real fun time after work, playing with dandelions and daisies, feeling sun-warmed grass, and then: puddles!

And, of course, I just had to leave barefoot trails, too...

So, after a brief shopping trip to the supermarket and taking the tram homewards, where people did the usual, when beholding my bare feet - staring - I got off at my stop, walked toward the sun, hidden partly behind greyish clouds (see above, the third picture was taken there...) and went to walk the short walk to my place. As usual, and as most barefooters do, I was looking ahead at the sidewalk, to avoid nasties, such as glass shards, dog poo, or whatever might be lying there. I noticed a folded-up piece of paper lying on the ground and the man (shod, not paying attention) walking in front of me either overlooked or ignored it... I stepped closer, and saw, that it had a green hue and a glint of silver to it... I decided to examine it, bent down, picked it up... it looked like this:

Well, I thought, this looks familiar...
European people will already have
guessed, what it is...

For this time, barefooting paid off
in cash, too...

The tram was still standing next to me,
due to red lights at a crossroads, and
people were again staring at me and
my bare feet... now they were staring,
as I unfolded this piece of paper to reveal:

Yes, a 5-Euro-bill... grinning, I presented it to the tram passengers still staring and who now almost had their eyes bulging and  popping out of their sockets... one woman was grinning and nodding at me, appreciatively, while I folded it up again and pocketed it.

Well, sometimes money does lie around openly in the streets, just waiting to be picked up (funny thing is, this isn't the first time I found a fiver on the sidewalk near my place... a few years ago, I had the same thing happening, when walking down to my favourite park for my barefoot hour of power stroll which I take on Sundays... and that was a fiver, too...).

So, walking barefoot pays off in wellness, health, fun, and also, at times in cash.

Wiggling bare toes,


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