Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

May Day Morning Nuddhism...

Yes, I did it again... and I know, that this will freak out one co-worker of mine, who cannot stand the sight of my naked body... sorry, pal.

Well, to be honest, I am not sorry at all, since I felt, that this was just the right way to greet the morning after Beltane Eve... a front of thunderstorms had passed, when I embarked onto a barefoot stroll down to my favourite park, and since no one was around, I extended the barefoot walk into a skyclad one, feeling a mild breeze and light rain on my bare skin.

There are people who think that nudity is something "indecent"... well, I believe that there are far more indecent things in the world than me baring my belly, butt and lingam - war, hunger, poverty, injustice, ruthless capitalism...

Natural and spiritual nudity - Nuddhism - should be legal and possible anywhere in the world.

Wiggling bare toes,


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