Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Spotting Spring on a barefoot walk in the park - Sunday, April 29, 2012

Well, last Sunday wasn't just a prime opportunity to get my bare feet all Earth-colored and my toes delightfully muddy, but also perfect in general to get to the park and look for Spring in all its splendour...

I also was a day when I was happy to see, that the dandelion rebellion was still very much alive, in some places actively fighting the power by now having sprouted seeds, forming the beautiful puffballs, we love to pluck and blow onto as a kid, watching Mother Nature's parachute troops flying off to reclaim the streets some more... well, some adults love doing that, too...

Some humans are stupid... since "Do not litter" is not printed on the rule board, why dispose of trash the right way...? Sheesh!

Fight the Power!! Mother Nature Herself helps in spreading the dandelion rebellion!

All in all, a wonderful Sunday in my favourite park, looking at a lot of splendid signs of Spring, feeling various nice textures underfoot and also visiting magical places, like the one in the final picture... the barefoot picture before that is the soil inside that green dome, feeling soft and warm...

Happy barefoot May Day to all of you,


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