Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

A sunny Sunday, shopping on a medieval market

Sunday was a fun day (not just according to that famous Bangles song), since I had the opportunity to get out barefoot in nicely sunny weather, with temperatures around 25°C (77F) in the shade and visit a medieval market at Broich castle, a former medieval stronghold.

Since there is a large park adjacent to that castle, I had the pleasure of feeling nicely soft grass underfoot. I adapted to the visitors (mostly either goth people or those dressed in medieval-style garb) by dressing in black, but still keeping up to my true name by wearing a black t-shirt with a Ganesha print on it. I had decked out all my toe nails in golden-glittery nail polish and was wearing my usual anklets and toe rings, too.

Here, I already tried wearing a bit of what I bought there as a possible new toe ring... more of my shopping booty later...

Of course, enjoying such a market also meant havign nice food and drink... the food part was covered by a typical Alsatian specialty: Flammekueche (the Alsatian pizza, so to speak) and for drinks I had several pints of mead beer (actually, regular beer with a large dash of mead in it... kind of risky in hot sunny weather, but I was fine).

Flammekueche - Alsatian yummy stuff...
Since I am invited to visit a party this coming Friday, with the hostess also being of the goth and medieval market visitor kind, I also shopped for some yummy beverages to bring (she announced it to be a BYOB event)... and so, here's the drinkstuffs I brought home from that market:

blueberry wine...
...quince wine...

...and honey schnapps (called "Hammer" for a reason... I sampled it at the sales stand. And 60 per cent alcohol content makes it the only inflammable honey product I've tried so far...)
Other than yummy food and drinks, I also found some nice jewelry items (rings, in particular) and a nice leather bag, which I can use as a stylish belt pouch (even though this is kind of an oxymoron, since belt pouches and/or hip bags are rarely seen as stylish).

my newest rings...

two steel rings with pentagrams

A flexible glass pearl band, with a clump of rose quartz and amethyst bits (which can also be worn as a toe ring, as shown above).

A funky brass ring with a walnut-sized dome of gold and turquoise pearls

A nice naturally colored suede leather pouch.

A nice barefoot Sunday day-out... and the market season has just started... the next one in my vicinity will be the "Mittelalterlich Phantasie Spectaculum" at Dortmund in about three weeks (June 16 & 17), also held in a park, therefore at another barefoot-friendly venue.

For that market, I will dress up more hippie-style, and certainly utilizing some of the nice goods I bought at Broich, too.

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