Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Wait, this doesn't feel right...

...or: a moment that made me go "Huh??!"

This very wise quote by John Lennon also applies to what happened on Facebook yesterday, when the official reaction to Wendy Pini posting an art photograph of a nude woman carrying a wolf on her shoulders (see my previous entry "Moments that made me go "Wow!" - Reloaded", featuring that photo by Ryan McGinley) was to remove the picture from her Facebook wall and issue a 24-hour login ban...

There is something very wrong about a world, where beauty, love for Nature, and expressing the desire to be part of it in an artful way are banned and censored, while depictions of violence are still out there, sometimes glorified and used for propaganda.

Fortunately, the voices of criticism about this decision haven't been silenced - as yet - and lots of fans of Wendy's artwork stand up with her, voicing their dissent. It seems, that this is the continuation of people calling to ban her work, when she depicted a celebration of being in tune with Nature by her elves dancing nude in the light of the two moons (Leetah and Nightfall in "Siege at Blue Mountain", issue #1), or the famous pre-battle romp in classic ElfQuest issue #17.

How long will it take, before networks like Facebook start censoring museum sites for featuring classic nudes, or begin banning pages about recreational and/or spiritual naturism, or sites about loving Nature? I truly hope, this won't happen at all. But it takes watchful people to point out to the world, that something's really amiss here.

Here's my digital two cents added, trying to spread the word a bit more...

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