Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Moments that made me go "Wow!" - Reloaded

After already experiencing several "Wow!" moments this morning, seeing very impressive cloud and sky paintings by Mother Nature at sunrise (see previous entries), another "Wow!" moment was seeing this black-and-white nude, done by photographer Ryan McGinley, shared by Fantasy graphic novel artist Wendy Pini (who created the ElfQuest universe together with her husband Richard):

Wendy wrote about the photo on the official ElfQuest Facebook page:

"Speaking as an artist, to me the poetry of this image is that we humans are vulnerable, ill-equipped to survive naked in the wild. Yet some of us will dare all because we feel an affinity...we dance to a different, older drummer. And if there are scratches and wounds...well...that's the price of admission. The High Ones payed it when they first emerged from the Palace onto the harsh landscape of Abode. Adapt or die. There was no other choice. We humans of today are generally ignorant of the wild, and it is shrinking as a result. But deep inside many of us still sleeps a primitive oneness with nature - symbolized by this photo - that stirs when we hear the night howl of the wolf." 

A beautiful and strong symbol of respecting, loving and learning to once again be one with Mother Nature.

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