Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Moments that made me go "Wow!" - the evening show

I wondered, after having witnessed the gorgeous sunrises and cloud paintings yesterday morning, what more Mother Nature wants to show me of her unique artwork, as far as wild colors and spectacular views are concerned?

I got an answer, when seeing an orange glow outside the window yesterday evening, and went to the westward bathroom window, seeing this:

Just like a good symphony is composed, Mother Nature had decided to paint a glorious finale to that day, keeping in style with the breathtakingly beautiful sunrise introduction of it... seeing this, I decided to get downstairs and take a look at how this would appear outdoors. I was rewarded by several moments, taking my breath away:

Facing westwards, the sky looked like it was on flame... and while watching this, several clouds passing by overhead lost a small load of raindrops. I did not mind at all, but turned around, looking eastward to see, what the effect of that might be there... and yes, a hint of a rainbow was visible there:

The "clouds on fire" sensation then intensified in the eastern sky, as the clouds were then illuminated by the setting sun, thus creating the glorious and shining ending chord to yesterday's cloud and sky painting symphony:

I felt humbled and blessed by these sights, knowing that I am one of those people really appreciating about what's going on up there and being able to share, whatever Mother Nature decides to paint and sculpt in the sky or on the ground.

I felt like calling out to people "Why don't you look closer at this? Why are you rushing on, heedless of the visual gift you're given there?", especially when I saw a couple leaving the grey house on the left in the bottom picture - they just glanced up, quickly, then went on their way, hastily, having business of their own, apparently blind to the spectacular sights around them.

Even though the "civilized" world zooms by at times, forcing us to keep its pace, in order to function properly in it, I have learned that it is important to sometimes stop, look around and take in whatever the wild and natural world, the one where we live in instead of merely functioning, has to offer. I hope that there were more people like me, stopping in their tracks, looking up and had their breath taken away for a few moments by sights like this...

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