Sonntag, 16. September 2012

A letter to the readers (from "TITANIC" online):

Instead of printing letters to the editor, as reagular magazines or newspapers do, the print as well as online edition of the German satire magazine "Titanic" (yes, that's the one with the infamous, recently forbidden, then again released Vatileaks parody pictures of the leaking pope) publishes "letters to the readers", thereby unmasking lots of absurd and ridiculous behaviour of other media or (more or less) famous people.

This one (which I chose to translate from German to English) is directed at the editors of the well-known German news and politics magazine "Der Spiegel":

"And as we saw your current cover photo of "Spiegel" issue no. 33 - the one with the young and longingly looking woman behind bars, with the very decoratively placed handcuffs - we got quite horny in anticipation of your about 8th (or something) subtly erotic review of "Shades of Grey". But, alas, the story behind it was just about "Pussy Riot" in "Putin's Russia".


Thank God you atone for that disappointment in the cover story by giving us photo captions like this one: "Revolution can be sexy, when Solshenyzin is quoted from inside the glass box with looks from large, cherry-looking eyes". Thereby, dear "Spiegel" you showed us, just how hard-dicked journalism can be, by quoting and printing out your own dirty fantasies.

You're right, after all! Why shouldn't women calling themselves "Pussy Riot" be freedom fighters as well as wanking material? And isn't "Sado-Putin" giving these sluts from the East just what our namby-pamby western wives read only in sleazoid pulp fiction novels? Or in your magazine?

Right! And now: back up with your hands above the blanket!



The original German letter to the readers ("Brief an die Leser") can be viewed there:

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