Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Taking a look at HipForums today made me LOL...

Well, at first, I had a "WTF?" moment, when reading in the Society for Barefoot Living Facebook group, that someone had posted a supposedly funny video about "how foot fetishists can learn being less creepy" on HipForums...

So, I checked out where it was posted, and it was indeed put into the "Barefoot" sub-forum - which has a mission statement of “Discuss the joys and travails of going barefoot." Since HF has many forums, including sub-forums on sex and fetishes, I have e-mailed the general support address, making it known that the thread and the video was rather ill-placed. Awkward about this is, that a forum moderator posted the video where it didn't quite belong.

Since I was already there, I decided to browse the forums a bit... and what made me LOL (lough out loud) was something I read in the "Random Thoughts" sub-forum, where old users returning after a hiatus were posting, and the Great Leader of Skipocracy himself replied with a post of his own. Here's the joke part of his posting:

" I hate having to ban ppl (I know some of you won't believe that)."

No, Skip, actually I don't believe that at all... just check out my mail exchange with him, when he banned me... it's in the April 2012 blog archive.

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