Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

See, whom the errors make suffer (Spot the error, Part III)

"Civilization" is planning and has begun building a monument of its own, this time claiming it to happen in the name of "green and clean" energy production...

However, this monument-to-be, known as the Belo Monte Dam, is not quite as green as presented, since a large part of Brazilian rainforest is going to be flooded and destroyed, releasing tons of carbon dioxide and methane during the decomposition process. And it is certainly not clean, either, since the construction robs thousands of indigenous people of their living space and forces them to once again adapt to "civilization" and its so-called needs and demands, which are (as they most often have been) fueled by greed and maximizing profits. Thus, it is about as clean as the color of the blood of indigenous people, who are bound to lose their lives either while fighting the construction project or dying out from having to adapt.

That "clean and green" energy is wanted mainly to have ore refineries and especially aluminum smelters installed in the vicinity, thus destroying even more of what is left of natural habitats for human beings, fauna and flora. According to the current "stock check" clock, depicting, how long non-renewable resources will be available and how long it takes, until our current "civilized" ways seriuously threaten human life on this planet, aluminum will be available for another 80 years, before it's depleted. So, in order to safeguard profits for another 80 years, it's perfectly OK to destroy hundreds of square miles of land, uproot thousands of indigenous people, robbing them of both their identity and life... yes, that's "civilization"!

Whoever thought, that James Cameron's "Avatar" was just some fictional piece, set on an alien moon, should take a look at what is happening in the world in general and at the Xingu river in particular, and take a good look at the faces and into the eyes of the people affected:

These aren't fictional characters from a movie...

Please support Chief Raoni of the Kayapo and learn more about the plight of the indigenous people there...

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