Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Sometimes, movies really scare me...

I'm not talking about horror movies, here. No, it's one of the absurdest and greatest comedy movies ever made by a Finnish author and director team: "Iron Sky". And it's not the absurd vision of the old legend of Nazis having gone to New Swabia, Antarctica, launch spaceships from there to then evade to the dark side of the Moon come to life that scares me...

Marketing for the movie "Iron Sky"... some people actually mistook this for real news!!
After all, even the design of the nazi Moon base in the shape of a giant swastika is so hilariously exaggerated that it effectively mocks any Moon nazi conspiracy theory in existence (I bet, the people of India still despise that mediocre postcard painter from Braunau, Austria, for taking a sacred symbol of peace and good fortune and turning it into a cruel caricature of what it originally stands for).

The fictional Moon nazi fortress in the movie "Iron Sky"

No, the really scary part of that movie, in my opinion, is seeing and hearing Renate Richter on Earth, turned into a part of the US president's "campaig troops" for her re-election, giving a speech, full of rhetorics based on her unearthly (literally, since she grew up on the Moon) nazi upbringing, which then becomes the speech of the president to rally the nation - and the US people buying it as being original, patriotc, genuinely American and cheer her on fervently...

This is the truly scary part. OK, seeing a possible future with a female US president, who very much resembles Sarah Palin is quite scary, as well... but the speech might actually be one of any presudent who wants to rally a nation with patriotism, with the goal to have a nation's people cheer and applaud at whatever the president deems right. It is a speech, that would have worked fine for George W. Bush, too. And some of the figures of speech in it have been used and would work again, too, having the sheeple cheer and clap.

Here's the fictional speech from the movie, video and text:

"The world is sick but we are the doctors.
The world is anaemic but we are the vitamins.
The world is weary but we are the strength.
We are here to make the world healthy once again with hard work, with honesty, with clarity, with decency.
We are the product of loving mothers and brave fathers. We are the embodiment of love and bravery.
We are the gift of both god and science.
We are the answer to the question.
We are the promise delivered to all mankind.
For that we raise our hand to one nation.
We step to the beat of one drum. We march to the beat of one heart and it is this song that we will sing to this world.
We are the people who carry the children on our shoulders in the same way that our fathers carried us and their fathers carried them.
We are the one people united and strong.
We are the one people with certainty, moral certainty.
We are invincible and we have no fear because the truth makes us wise."

Like I wrote initially, it's not horror movies scaring me most... it's the possibility that life might imitate art in this case, too.

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