Samstag, 5. April 2014

"I want to talk about being naked..."

This is what a status update by my dear Facebook friend Billa Kgari read... she lives in a wonderful place, which is ideal for having a close and loving relatonship to Mama Nature and to connect with wonderful people feeling likewise.

She went on:

"Recently we had the #inthenameofthemother #worldwaterceremony when the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers requested women all over beautiful Mother Earth pray and sing for our water..

We did! At beautiful Broken Head and the most glorious part of our ceremony was all the women babies mothers sisters and grandmothers diving #naked into the ocean with joy and celebration for life and freedom!

It was the most beautiful site to see!
The complete absence of any shame replaced by Joy and total freedom.

Personally, I follow a very native path in living very close to the mother and I require time without clothes daily or I actually feel ill. I need the air on my skin , the sun on my skin, and pure water on my skin and roaming my blood. These are our birthrights, clearly outlined in the ancient essene gospel of Peace in regards to living in harmony with the four elements.

When we are in real life harmony with the four elements , the fifth - Spirit - is available.. We can't just sit around affirming Mother Earth or the elements, it's time to live it, daily.
The sacred life is right there in the sun, the water, the air, the soil.

How is our relationship to them?
They are our ancestors, loving us daily."

In reply to that wonderful posting of hers, I wrote the following:

Nudity as a spitirual practice is what I call "Nuddhism".

Clothing and shoes, in my opinion, have only two functions: first, they serve a practical purpose as tools to protect us from cold and hostile environments. In that respect, they're practical and sometimes necessary. In frosty weather or when walking grounds that might hurt the bare feet, we need that protection. Second, they serve a social function. And this is the unnecessary function, in my opinion. Clothes and shoes are used in a social sense to mark class difference (the more expensive, the "better" the social standing) or to cover up "indecent" body parts. And yes, there are people out there, believing that even bare feet are "indecent". Sentiments of so-called "indecency", "sin" or "shame" wouldn't be there, if we all learned to be as nude as we were born.

And what better way is there to truly be one with Mama Nature than being as naked as natural as She is? She doesn't wear clothes, either., so I feel that the best way to thank Her for my being is to walk barefoot, touching Her skin gently rather than tramping on Her with boots on. The best way to express my love for Her is to lie down in the grass or hug trees naked, making full skin-to-skin contact.

While most "civilized" people will automatically connect nudity with sexuality, spiritual nudity transcends that. There is a common denominator, which is love. Ideally, human beings having sex do it for love reasons, joining bodies as the natural (and very wonderful!) part of completing their bond of heart, spirit and body. In that respect, being nude in and with our Great Mama, The Goddess. Mother Earth. Mother Nature. is also a means to complete that bond of love to Her by means of heart, spirit and body.

Therefore, "civilization" needs to unlearn those sentiments of "indecency", "sin" and "shame" and embrace the sheer naturality of nudity in its many beautiful colors and flavors. A naked human being is merely a natural, happy, loving human being. Period.
Have a blessed time - naturally happy, loving and barefoot all over.

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