Montag, 6. Mai 2013

Celebrating Skyclad Sunday... with snakes in paradise...

It seems, that the notion of crying "Shame!" and "Sin!" when being confronted with natural nudity is still all too strong in this world. True to biblical legends, especially us men are often perceived as bringing the proverbial snake into paradise - literally...

A dear Facebook friend of mine and a kindred spirit in enjoying and celebrating being naturally naked in Nature posted a very beautiful picture of himself, skyclad in the green... the picture showed him from behind, so not even displaying anything "indecent" (I put that word in quotes, since it's merely the mainstream way of seeing things... I do not believe in shame or sin, as far as the naked human body is concerned. And I certainly do not believe in any body part being indecent).

He is a happy and spiritual man who loves being free and feels that his nudity is an act of love to Mother Nature Herself, as well as a source of gathering positive energy from Her. He is very similar to me in these feelings, and a wonderful and true son of the Divine Male.

So, have a look at the uncensonsered image, and judge for yourself - I, personally, can only see a man being in Nature, celebrating his personal freedom and being naturally and happily one with Mama Earth:

Someone else thought differently, though, and reported his picture as "inappropriate", thus prompting Facebook to remove it.

My friend reacted with irony, sharing an edited version of his picture, masking the "indecent" part, and thereby unmasking double standards:

The "censoring" sticker he made reads as follows (translated by me): "Since Facebook wants to treat people "empathically", FB rules would allow me - among other things - to post pictures of swastikas, pot-smokers and deep flesh wounds... But not my gorgeous, divine ass!"

This is quite hilarious, since there are lots of other things visible on Facebook, including pornography, which is far more demeaning to women and far more tasteless than a spiritual man enjoying and expressing his freedom.There are examples of these double standards visible on a page called "An Open Letter to Facebook", which is very interesting and insightful.

Actually, since today is World Laughter Day, too, the best to do is to shrug off this idiocy with a laugh and not waste energy in wishing the uptight and joyless person who reported the picture something spiteful. That person will get what's coming to him (or her).

Aside from being World Laughter Day, it's also my usual day of celebrating nude freedom by staying naked all day - Skyclad Sunday. And it's also the second day of my leave, which will last until Whitsun Monday... so, while the "normal" people are going to work tomorrow, I will celebrate barefoot freedom (never putting on shoes for more than a fortnight) as well as being happily and naturally naked in and with Mama Nature as often as possible.

My plan for tomorrow morning: barefoot shopping for some fresh fruit, then going to my favourite park to spend Nuddhist quality time, having a naturally naked picnic there...

And with the current weather forecast - several sunny and fair days with temperatures above 20°C/70F in the shade - I will enjoy the warmth of my namesake season as much and often as possible.

And, for sure, I will continue sharing my joy being naturally naked in Nature, feeling Mama Earth beneath my bare soles, bright spring sun on my skin and a mild breeze wafting over my skyclad body.

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